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Career Opportunities

Set in the heart of Singapore’s countryside, Seletar Country Club offers a wonderful blend of private club lifestyle and vibrant family fun rolled into one. Rolling acres of lush greenery and proximity to the Lower Seletar Reservoir allow members to indulge in both golf and sports activities, and experience a oneness with nature that belies its urban backdrop.

Why join us? We offer attractive salary that commensurate with work experience and provide opportunities for career advancement within the company. We advocate a safe working environment for all our employees.


Why should you work at Seletar Country Club?

  • Positive & fun working environment
  • 13th Month Annual Wage Supplement (AWS) + Variable Bonus (VB)
  • Retention bonus
  • Staff discounts at all F&B outlets
  • Annual Leave
  • Medical and hospitalisation leave, benefits and insurance
  • Dental and Spectacle benefits
  • STAR Award
  • Long Service Award
  • Recreational and bonding activities for staff
  • Birthday Voucher
  • Learning and career advancement opportunities
  • Uniform provided for uniformed staff
  • Staff transport provided from Khatib and Sengkang areas
  • Free parking


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Job Title

Job Responsibilities


Job Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

1. Perform pre and post kitchen housekeeping chores. Prepare and cook the food items as stated on the Captain order.

2. Replenish the food supplies in the store accordingly to the daily par stock requirements.

3. Prepare the food ingredients, sauces and soups that are necessity items for the daily restaurant operations.

4. Check the bar chillers and fridge and maintain at 1-2 degree Celsius at all times.

5. Inform the service staff on the daily food items availability.

6. Ensure the presentations of the food items are appealing to the members before serving to the table.

7. Maintain a high standard of the kitchen cleanliness before and after the kitchen operations.

8. Notwithstanding the above, you are required to undertake any other responsibilities assigned by the Management or your reporting Supervisor/Manager.

Waiter/ Waitress, F&B

Job Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

1. Perform pre and post restaurant housekeeping chores.

2. Perform bar counter duties including replenishment beverages in the refrigerator and replenishment of glassware, straws, coasters, garnishes; and preparing drink orders according to the captain orders.

3. Perform stewarding duties including cleaning, sterilizing and polishing cutlery, dishes and glassware.

4. Transport foodstuffs; cleaning equipment, food lifts and furniture during pre and post banquet activities.

5. Operate Point of Sales System for orders taking and guest billings.

6. Receive guests; make suggestions and answer questions about food, wines and promotions.

7. Place order, receives food and beverages from kitchen and bar and serves to the designated guests’ tables as stated on the captain orders.

8. Remove serving wares and cutlery after guests have completed a course.

9. Ensure tables are complete with all required items such as tent cards, flower vases, salt and pepper.

10. Set-up function rooms.

11. Preparing the mise-en-place for the restaurant’s operation, in the following:

12. Drawing, stocking and laying table linen.

13. Folding napkins / serviette for use in service

14. Setting tables with tableware, glassware, and chinaware.

15. Stocking side stations with linen, glassware, tableware, toothpick holders, sugar bowls and condiments.

16. Cleaning and refilling salt and pepper shakers.

17. Resetting table for ‘new’ guests when tables are resold during the course of the same meal period (i.e. turnover occurs).

18. To guide new staff on proper service procedures; table-settings,( menu) food and drinks knowledge and service times, table numberings, side-stations and side-jobs, preparing mis-en-place and other necessary duties.

Member Relations Assistant, Housekeeping

Job Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

1. To be responsible for the issuing of towels and to keep proper record of them.

2. To be responsible for the issuing of locker keys to members and to keep proper record of them.

3. To ensure safety and security in the changing room.

4. To be responsible for the general cleanliness of the changing room.

5. To ensure cleanliness and hygiene in the changing room including general clean-up of the wash basins, shower rooms and toilets whenever necessary.

6. To ensure all grooming materials and appliances are in good working conditions and to replace toiletries etc as and when required.

7. To ensure sufficient and refurnish of toiletry and to report any damages to the Housekeeper.

8. To take stock of all stores provided by the Housekeeper.

9. To report incidents to Supervisor and record in WIP book.

10. Notwithstanding the above, you are expected to carry out other duties as directed by the Management.

Mechanic, Course Maintenance

Job Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

1. Assists the Senior Mechanic.

2. Performs work in overhaul and repairs of automotive and other powered equipment.

3. Assists in electric and gas welding.

4. Lubricate and service automotive/ turf equipment.

5. Ensure all workshop equipment and facilities are maintained in good condition.

6. Maintain cleanliness and orderliness in work area.

7. Inspect equipment for operating deficiencies and makes routine adjustments as necessary.

8. Inspect, change and repair tires.

9. Repairs and adjusts the engine and cutting mechanism on a wide variety of heavy and light equipment.

10. Troubleshoot cutting unit defect.

11. Reel and Bedknife grinding and adjustments of cutting height.

12. Perform automotive-type body repair and painting work.

13. Enter job details onto job sheets for admin updating (Machine History Filing)

14. Performs other duties as assigned by the Head of Department. Notwithstanding the above, you will be expected to undertake other duties as directed by the Superintendent or Golf Manager from time to time

Senior/ Technician, Facilities

Job Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

1. To carry out the day to day maintenance schedule assigned by the Technicians, Supervisor/Operations Manager.

2. To check, maintain and plan smooth operations of all building services.

3. To assist the Supervisor or Operations Manager to keep and update records of M&E installations and equipment in the building.

4. To assist and monitor the performance of term contractors and contractors on call.

5. To ensure proper accounting of all tolls, equipment and stocks.

6. To maintain proper records of building plans, drawings and all M&E services including operational manuals.

7. To ensure that all essential M&E plant rooms are checked. Maintained and properly secured.

8. To attend to emergency arising from breakdown of malfunction of M&E services.

9. To monitor and keep records of water and electricity consumption.

10. Notwithstanding the above, you are required to undertake any other responsibilities assigned by the Management.

Assistant Executive, Sports & Social

Job Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

1. Monitor and supervise operation of the various sports and recreational facilities including supervision of staff under his/her charge.

2. Ensure compliance of Rules and Byelaws at the various facilities.

3. Conceptualize, plan, and execute sports and social activities and events, including but not limited to tournaments, competitions, celebrations, courses, workshops, talks and community involvement programs.

4. Conceptualize, plan and execute promotions to increase the usage of sports and recreation facilities within the Club.

5. Liaise with service and maintenance vendors contracted with the department to ensure smooth operations.

6. Execute administrative matters under his/her care, including but not limited to procurement, billings, memos, meeting minutes and bookings.

7. To prepare the daily work roster of the operation staff in the department.

8. To conduct the annual staff appraisal for non-executive staff of the sports and social department.

9. To attend sub-committee meetings as and when required.

10. Notwithstanding the above, you are required to undertake any other responsibilities assigned by the Management.

Executive, Golf Operations

Job Responsibilities include:

1. Assist and support the Golf Manager in ensuring the smooth daily operation of the Golf Department. Your duties shall include but not limited to the following:

2. Ensure that the Club’s Golf office operation managed effectively and to balance members golfing need with the need to generate revenue from golfing operations.

3. Supervision of Golf Operations Assistants and golf customer service officers to ensure smooth day-to-day operations of the department.

4. To ensure that golf customer service officers and Golf Operations Assistants are present to render service when the course is open for play.

5. Assist in training available staff reserves to efficiency and effectively support golfing operations and at the same time, labour cost per employee is continuously improved.

6. Assist in the administration and management of SGA/SLGA related golf events held in the Club.

7. Assist in planning, organizing and preparation of tournament events held in the Club.

8. To attend meetings relating to golfing as and when required:

– Green Sub-Com Meeting

– Ladies Sub-Com Meeting

– Annual Seletar Charity Open Meeting

– Disciplinary Sub-Com (DSC) Hearing

9. To assist in seeing that members are able to take their Workshops and Courtesy Round within the approved time schedule.

10. Ensure the preparations of monthly statistics for Golfing.

11. Assist in the execution of corporate events and tie-up programme with a view to boosting revenue for the club.

12. Ensure that the golf buggies are well maintained in operational worthy.

13. Assist in the preparation of annual golf fixtures.

14. Maintains Golf Department Standard Operation Procedures (SOP).

15. Notwithstanding the above, you are required to undertake any other responsibilities assigned by the Management.

Golf Assistant

Job Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

1. To ensure the correct golf bags are loaded onto the buggies, golfers arrive on time for their flight, the names of the golfers are accurately reflected in the timesheet and any other arrangements necessary for the smooth flow of the golf flights.

2. To ensure that guests have paid their golfing fees and check on the handicap details.

3. To manage flights in the golf course in accordance to the pace-of-play and ensure that golfers rake bunkers, replace divots, repair ball-marks and observe safety at all times.

4. To monitor and report any irregularities on the golf course which might affect play.

5. To report to the Chief Marshal / Supervisor of any infringement of local rules and bye-laws by golfers.

6. To manage flights’ proceedings during inclement weather.

7. To ensure that the buggies are properly charged, cleaned and in working condition.

8. To report of any buggy defects and to submit incident report form for buggy involved in any accidents.

9. To ensure that the golf bags are correctly managed for golfers’ start and end of their golf game.

10. To ensure the sand canisters in the golf course and the buggies are filled.

11. To ensure that the first-aid box is sufficiently equipped.

12. To ensure the sufficient level of inventories of pencils, scorecards, wooden tees, 100-plus & mineral water.

13. Notwithstanding the above, you are expected to carry out other duties assigned by the Superior.

Customer Service Officer, Golfing

 Job Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

1. Checking of membership (for Member only) and Handicap Card of Members, Guests and Visitors.

2. To issue Debit Note and Green Fee Tab to Guests and only Green Fee Tab to Visitors.

3. Collection of Green Fees and Buggy Fees.

4. To take Time Sheet Booking through phone and remind Members to fax or call personally to give the date and time of play, details of their membership and handicap, and that of their guest(s).

5. To allocate caddies to golfers (if requested), on a first-come-first served basis.

6. To attend to telephone inquiries.

7. To update and maintain scoring of handicap system and to assist in other clerical duties.

8. Notwithstanding the above, is expected to undertake other administrative duties as and when assigned by Superior.

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